Affiliated Marketing is advertising to earn commission by promoting other brands.

Managing and Launching an effective affiliated marketing campaign is not an easy task to grow your business.

All you need is a whole team of dedicated specialists for recruitment, affiliate managers, expert staff, and many more!

We are recognized as one of the trusted Affiliated Marketing agencies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Through Affiliated Marketing, We aim to provide the brands with high-quality leads and unparalleled tactics to drive their business onto the next level.

How Affiliated Marketing Lead you to Drive Your Business?

Affiliated marketing is an Advertising Solution to enhance your business growth and create Brand Awareness increasing your website traffic to drive sales.

It is a Business to Business Marketing where one company promotes the brands of another company and get a commission.

According to a Business perspective, 20% of revenue is generated through affiliated marketing in digital marketing.

It all depends on the efforts you put in affiliated marketing, Successful Affiliate marketers generate revenue of six or seven figures monthly.

Affiliate Sales are tracked through different links from relevant sites and both the company makes an effort to earn a commission.

Customizing on Social Media Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are relevant for Affiliate Marketing targeting the maximum audience.

Our Affiliated Marketing Campaign Services

Customized Strategy

Customized Strategy is a prerequisite to know the bottom line of your business and targeted audience. Our Specialist of affiliate marketing team analyses your whole performance of selling and your customer's bottom line to plan an effective strategy including pricing, commission, and development of the affiliated network.

Auditing in Affiliated Marketing includes an indispensable process as Application Process, Affiliate Creatives, Activation and Vetting Processes, Communication with Publisher, Affiliated Conformity, Affiliated Diversity. We make sure that the ethics of your affiliate marketing campaign stays unimpaired and the results you get remain genuine.


Launching of Affiliated Marketing Campaign includes consideration and recommendations, Negotiations, consultations on relevant creatives, affiliated payouts and payment models for employ, Uploading banners and text links, the announcement of launching the program, and competitive analysis of competitors. Our specialist will assist you in launching and managing the whole campaign for profitable results.


Management of Affiliated Marketing Campaign requires an affiliate manager who is proficient in dealing with affiliates. A process like Affiliate Recruitment, Reporting Weekly, Communication with Publisher, Monitor, and Manage the Policy Violations and Reverse Commission are affiliate marketing programs that can be handle by a dedicated manager.


We aim to approach for a stable and effective affiliate marketing campaign that drives your business growth and ROI every month. We assist you to integrate your business with an affiliate tracking software that will review your growth through this campaign. The report of tracking may help you to plan further according to performance.

Affiliated Marketing Audit

Affiliated Marketing Campaign Launch

Affiliated Marketing Management

Tracking of Affiliated Program Growth

Depth Analysis of Program Growth

Analysis of Program Growth is feasible for Improvement in Affiliate Promotions, keeping affiliates updated, maintaining communication with affiliates, integrating relationships with current affiliates, Program Optimization, and many more! Our Affiliated Marketing Specialist report you with accurate and concise data that will help you to conclude your performance.

We are Leading Affiliated Marketing Agency

Siaz Media Technologies is one of the leading and trusted affiliated marketing agency with an extraordinarily experienced team have worked with some of the best-known brands.

Our Specialist of Affiliated Marketing generates quality leads by promoting the brands on social media, websites, search engines, and other traffic sources.

From making strategy to reporting we handle the whole affiliate campaign that builds client loyalty.

Our top-rated experienced team is proactive, commutative, enthusiastic, and quick to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace trends and client demands and also respond well to tactical and strategic changes in the campaign.

Try an Affiliated Marketing Campaign with Us

After working with many brands and businesses we are confident with our leading affiliated marketing campaign. So Let’s Begin with your Affiliated Marketing Campaign that drives high revenue and ROI to your business making successful accomplishment.

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